Jonathan Lombard
Microbial evolution and phylogeny


Publications in peer-reviewed journals

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(A correction of the figures can be found here)

contact-meLombard J., and Moreira D. 2011. Origins and early evolution of the mevalonate pathway of isoprenoid biosynthesis in the three domains of life. Molecular Biology and Evolution 28:87-99.

Book contribution

contact-me López-García P, Moreira D, Benzerara K, Boiteau L, Briones C, Derelle R, Lombard J, Martin, H, Pascal R, Ruiz-Trillo I & Selsis F; 2016 chapter coordinated by López-García P & Moreira D. Origine et Histoire de la Vie in “Biologie Évolutive” Ed. Thomas F, Lefèvre T & Raymond M. Publisher: De Boeck.

downloadLombard J., López-García P, Moreira D. Lipid membranes in the cenancestor: did they exist and how were they? in “LUCA: The Last Universal Cellular Ancestor of life” Ed. Koonin, EV. Unfortunately, the edition of this book was cancelled. But the content is still interesting...

PhD dissertation (in French)

downloadOrigins and evolution of the phospholipid biosythesis pathways in the three domains of life. Implications for the nature of the cenancestral membranes